Are Punching Machines accurate? How to score 999 on punching machine.

Are Punching Machines Accurate?

Punching Machines – You’ve seen them around the place before. Maybe it was in a bar or perhaps in an arcade. They always seem to gather a large interested crowd while people test their strength, but are Punching Machines accurate?

Punching Machine Accuracy

Punching Machines are not accurate. This is because they are generally designed as fun arcade games as opposed to a real measure of strength or punching power. (This the official line to use against your friend when he beats you too)

The reason they are not accurate is because each machine has a difficulty setting which is selected by the owner. Meaning that a boxer could score 999 on one machine and then go and hit another punching machine and get a much lower score with the exact same punch.

There’s also the issue of the swing path of the punching bag itself. Because it’s attached to a fixed rod and can only move in one direction, it only measures speed in this direction.

To accurately measure power, the ball would need to be free standing and able to move in any direction. This simulates the power of an actual real-life punch as opposed to the traditional punching machine.

How do Punching Machines work?

Punching Machines work using something called a beam breaker. This beam breaker uses a laser to measure how fast the punching bag is moving after a strike. This laser is pretty accurate as it takes a reading in just a few millieseconds.

How to score 999 on a punching machine

Now that we know what a punching machine is and how it works there 2 ways to score 999.

1. Turn the difficulty settings down

The reason that you score 600 on one punching machine and 800 on another is due to the difficulty settings set by the manufacturer or owner of the unit. On the highest difficulty settings there is not a human alive capable of scoring 999, not even Francis Ngannou.

To score 999, simply turn the difficulty settings to zero and tap the punching bag. Easy work. 999 every time.

2. Cheat

By taking advantage of how punching machines actually work, it should be pretty easy to score 999.

Popular YouTuber Mark Rober demonstrated this using a tiny little gadget to trick the machine’s laser into thinking he had the hardest punch of all time. Watch for yourself below from the 10:29 mark.

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